UHMWPE Twisted Knotless Netting (Muketsu Net)

  • Made in:Taiwan
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  • Application:Protecting Mesh
  • Color:Colored

Key Features


UHMWPE net manufacturers offer superior items featuring stronger resistance against abrasion and better quality.

Features of UHMWPE Twisted Knotless Netting :

1. Capable of Using Various Synthetic Fibers
2. Less Weight and Bulk
3. Less Resistance to Currents
4. Higher Quality Catch
5. Stronger Resistance Against Abrasion
6. Adds Stability to Your Vessel
7. Allows Operation With Thinner Net
8. Enables You to Increase The Size of Your Net
9. Easier and Safer Operation
10. Greater Economy
11. Suitable for Fishing , Safety, Riots & Zoo N etc.
12. Dope dyed for various colors


*OEM are welcome